Monday, November 2, 2009

The Kucinich Amendment

State-backed (ie California, not Federal) single-payer is not Totalitarian Socialist health care, much as Fox News would have you believe. Evidence is mounting that even with a public option, there will be little pressure on insurance companies to lower rates.

I support the Kucinich Amendment. State-backed single-payer initiatives like they have in Massachusetts appear to be the best way to bring costs under control. Private insurance companies can still offer their plans and supplemental services. You can opt-out and buy the "private option," (much as we have single-payer public education and you can opt-out for private schools), which disproves fear-mongering right-wingers' assertions that private industry will disappear from America as liberal, well-educated elites attempt to implement a state-controlled, Marxist economic system via Emperor Obama's iron-fisted rule!

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